Garden Garden 1.2!

Here is a new version of our prototype of oneiric gardening game, Garde Garden! :D

Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features that you can discover in this new version:

  • Procedural new colors when you plant the 5th plant: the colors are different each time
  • Color change each time you plant a new 5th plant in the same game session
  • You can restart the game by pressing R
  • Seeds of 1st plant have now a 60 secondes lifetime
  • The size of plants changes according to their life
  • The size of seeds changes according to their life
  • Bugfix: Plants die when they are not watered for a long time
  • Plants emit a "death breath" when they die (with random :P)
  • The plants are born with a slightly lower humidity, which adds slightly more difficulty
  • Reduced rot sound
  • Reduced plant's water sound
  • Increasing the sound of nature (with a little randomness again :P)
  • Game title appear when you wait...


Garden Garden 1.2 (Windows) 99 MB
Nov 08, 2018

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