Garden Garden 1.1!

Here is a new version of Garden Garden! 

What's news in this version: 

  • procedural 3D music system generated by plants
  • dehydration state of plants that requires maintenance
  • a world that does not loop but...
  • a night day cycle
  • performance optimization


Garden Garden was initially our Ludum Dare 38 entry, for the theme “A Small World”. We always liked this prototype, and recently, we decided that it was time for us to work on it.

Our intentions are shared between making a very poetical game - both visually than in game design, with a special treatment for sound design and music - and a political game. We aim to immerse the player in a cozy yet weird land, where living dreams are your daily life. The plants you’ll discover will have unique mechanics such as Canon-Plants (allowing you to fly in the air), Rope Plants, Binoculars Plants and so on.

We want to create a gardening game, where you build things linked to life, where time is a major feature, opposed to mining games, where everything is linked to consumption and destruction.

We also want to develop unique social features, where people can share content (the seeds) and experiences (in-game synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer). This way, our vision would be reinforced, allowing players to make peaceful interactions and common building, to share knowledge and feel constant surprise.

Finally, the aesthetics will paint a world full of life and strangeness. This game is about imperfection leading to heaven. Experimenting with random seeds will lead you to a lot of broken plants, but also unique beauty. We want to use true procedural generation both for sound and visuals, with no filter, to allow the player to experiment and understand that in nature, nothing is perfect, and everything takes time.

What we want to create in the future:

With our project to use true procedural generation for plant species, we want to affirm that diversity is good for gaming experiences. Not using filters and allowing bad result is a decision that would lead to a unique experience, both humorous and marvelous.

The social part of our game will take the shape of ressources exchange with a gift system : you’ll have a chest with three compartments. One, private, for your own seeds, one where you give seeds to other people that visit your garden and one where people can give you gifts.

Our will to make a game based on gardening, as opposed to mining, is we believe, a different take on gaming experience. We believe that we need more zen experiences, along with a theme connected with real life urgency : the need to take care of nature.

Speaking of care, we want to make a care and cozy game : using social interactions to help other people, to create together, to make things collectively. Coziness as a safe place to be - even if we’ll add some challenge in a way - as a place where abundance is a keyword.

On the track of procedural generation, we’ll create a generative Sound Design and Music system with the help of Unreal Engines’ new audio system or integration like Pure Data/Wwise.

Finally, we want no text ingame neither complexe menu system, for an immersive experience based on senses and sharing.


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Jul 02, 2018

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